Dean Kosage, From the Beautiful to the Practical, Epic Homes

Epic Homes

Everyone wants to be successful in life, some maybe more than others. The way we measure success says a lot about who we are as individuals. For many, living a comfortable life of moderate luxury with minimum work sounds ideal. For others, work is a pleasure and committing themselves to it suits them best. However, living spaces are both a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and a measure of our success. Not everyone has the ability to paint, draw, or write music, but the way we decorate our homes—or don’t decorate our homes—says as much about our personalities and perspectives as any painting or song might. Artist and entrepreneur Dean Kosage has created Epic Designs, a home design company devoted to creating living spaces that reflect the personality of each individual.

Finding Your Perspective

A quick look at the Dean Kosage videos on YouTube channel will demonstrate his flair for all things artistic. Epic Designs creates beautiful spaces that are intended to bring out the true qualities of individuals. If you are an open person who likes entertaining and having people move freely through your house, your living space might benefit from having a modern and open floor plan. Such design features are crucial to your lifestyle. These considerations on how you actually envision moving through your home, not just what it looks like, are something that sets Epic Designs’ perspective apart from others.

Epic Homes

Maybe you are someone stylish who likes to be up to date with the latest fashion trends. Your home will certainly reflect your taste in this with minimalist designs that incorporate bold colors and luxurious or striking fabric choices. At the same time, it is also important to mix traditional or classic pieces with more modern features. This creates a timeless space that will never go out of style in years to come.

Of course, as Dean Kosage knows, homes are about more than just style. They must also be living spaces in which style is incorporated but is inseparable from functionality. That is why more and more homes are introducing large windows, allowing for more natural light in order to make the space feel bigger and save on electricity. What was once an armoire can now be a china cabinet, and what was once a coffee table can now serve as a unique TV stand. Once you break free from the shackle of traditional home designs, your living space can become truly epic.