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Dean Kosage Epic Design

When people think of art and design, they tend to think of a few limited things: painting, sculpture, music, and video. However, thanks to brilliant designers and architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, I.M. Pei, and Frank Gehry, buildings and building design now fall into the art category as well. Innovation in building design is something that not many people recognize. We tend to accept the same white walls, hardwood floors, and granite countertops that we have grown used to throughout our lives. Yet, others feel that their home and other living spaces are an extension of themselves. They are places that define one’s taste, mood, and expression. Especially nowadays, people are experimenting and challenging traditional living space styles and concepts. One such person is entrepreneur Dean Kosage. His building projects, Epic Designs, are some of the most fun, interesting, and luxurious spaces today.

Dean Kosage Epic Design

Creating Beautiful Spaces

Watching “An Evening with Dean Kosage” video on Dailymotion, one learns that Dean Kosage is an entrepreneur and business professional who established his career in direct sales and marketing. Although he is a successful entrepreneur, he is also an artist at heart and credits much of his success to his artistic side. This has given him a creative eye in business and was the motivation behind Epic Designs. Epic Designs create beautiful and luxurious spaces that incorporate some of the hottest and most unique trends in home design.

Plenty of people have fish tanks in their homes. However, a recent trend has arisen in which entire pieces of furniture are built as fish tanks. Instead of having a traditional wood coffee table, you can now have one through which you can enjoy watching your fish swim. In addition to being fully functional, these designs have the added option of being beautiful and fun to watch.

Have you always wanted a swimming pool or Jacuzzi? Why not design an indoor-outdoor swimming pool that constantly circulates and purifies the water? With this novel design, you can soak in the sunshine on a beautiful warm day, or get cozy inside when the weather is gray and cold.

The boundaries between indoor and outdoor living space are beginning to blur, making our living environment all the more stimulating. Homes are now built almost exclusively out of glass to give them an immersive nature feel, or they are built literally in treetops, using repurposed wood and zip lines. These are just a few examples of the ways that homes are continuously changing shape and design to meet the growing imagination of individuals who do not want to feel confined by the construction of their homes.

You can view any of these inspiring designs by visiting Dean Kosage on CrowdRise and keeping an eye out for funding campaigns for future projects.