Dean Kosage, The Importance of Building a Global Community

When we examine the communities in which we function, it is important to look at the ways in which they influence us. Our community spaces, more than any other aspect of our lives, influence who we are, what we can accomplish, and how happy we are with our current situations. Communities will either actively improve us as individuals or destroy our creativity and drive. Often, people become complacent and don’t realize they are being severely limited by their community. But when you look into the lives of top professionals, you realize they take the topic of their communities very seriously; actively shaping the relationships and experiences of the people around them. They say that a goldfish will continue to grow, only ever being limited by the size of its tank. The same is true of our ambitions and potential.

Entrepreneur Dean Kosage described this phenomenon in a recent podcast interview with Srinivas Rao at Unmistakable Creative. Despite finding massive success early in life through direct sales and marketing, Dean realized that he was being limited by the individuals who helped him along the way. He quickly climbed the corporate ladder because of the valuable mentorship he experienced with his first company. However, after some time he started to realize that instead of helping him build his career in limitless ways, the company was stifling his growth by limiting his experience and capabilities to their specific needs. Dean’s ambitions ultimately proved far greater, and once having outgrown this position, he decided to leave the company to focus on building a bigger and better career.

Dean thereafter went from being an entertainer, to an educator on stage, before focusing his efforts on building a global community to equip people with the tools to find success in their lives.

Dean Kosage is now shaping the future of the tech industry. By not accepting the limitations imposed on him by his community size, he has been able to push the boundaries of his success beyond what even he originally thought possible.